Basics of WooCommerce Subscription

In this post, I am going to explain how subscriptions work on your WordPress/WooCommerce with the SUbscription plugin.

A Subscription is just a contract between your site and customer. It charges the customer in provided payment method in certain frequency for X amount(whatever the product this customer subscribed).

All products are not available for subscriptions by default. You might create a plan and add certain products as a subscription type.

When a customer sign up for subscription on your website, the customer chooses the frequency of the orders. for example, every 2 weeks, month, 2 monthes and so on. And the end of the check out page for the subscription, the customer enter the payment information (credit card) and make a first purchase. This creates a NEW subscription and a NEW order on you dashboard.

When you go to dashboard, WooCommerce > Orders. You will see a new order as an order. But now there is a new column which identifies they are subscription related orders.

Orders ‹ iChaiyo.com — WordPress 2022 06 17 at 5.01.00 PM

#1 Parent Order – This is an initial order customer just signed up a new subscription.

#2 Renewal Order – This is any following order from the related subscription. You can tell this is a repeat order.

Orders ‹ iChaiyo.com — WordPress 2022 06 17 at 5.03.01 PM

A subscription generates these orders in a set frequency, days, weeks, months, or years. You don’t have to do anything unless you encounter some problems. Just watch orders as you usually would.

What should I do when the expected order didn’t come?

As your subscription customers grow, you might remember who’s orders come on what day. And you might realize a gap or no order. If this happens, check the subscription status.

Go to WooCommerce > Subscriptions
Find the subscription you are expecting to generate a new order. Check the status.

  • If it says “Active” it should have created a new order. Click the subscription number and see in detailed page. Scroll down to see related orders. See what orders are there and the details.
  • If the subscription status says other than active, you might need to investigate. Read what each status means from the link here.

How to process orders created by a subscription?

Do exactly like any other order. Just make sure you have already gotten paid.

What should I do if customers call me to set up a subscription for them?

Refer to this article for how to create subscription manually

Customers want to cancel their subscriptions. How do they cancel?

  1. Direct them to go to My Account > Subscriptions.
  2. Choose and click a subscription number they want to cancel or click View.
  3. Click the “Cancel” button

Customers want me to cancel the subscription, how do I do?

You can edit a customer’s subscription from Dashboard. Read how to edit a customer’s subscription.

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