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SureCart is a cost-effective and simple-to-use eCommerce platform that’s ideal for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises. SureCart is a platform built for WordPress, a content management system. It means it’s simple to use and navigate. Furthermore, it’s inexpensive, with no monthly fees!

What is SureCart?

SureCart is an e-commerce and automation engine developed under headless technology which can deliver a much faster and much more reliable software experience for its users. If you want to know more about Headless technology.

SureCart is a powerful and easy-to-use cart software that will allow you the most flexibility in terms of design. The platform itself can be used by any store owner without having their own web server, so they don’t need to concern themselves with slow speeds or capacity issues on behalf of customers who access it through our site!

Why Should I use SureCart?

SureCart’s goal is to provide a simple solution for everybody who wants to sell online. So, anybody can set up a storefront without having any technical knowledge or going through some complicated process!

As of April 2022, SureCart is still launching stage and it does not have all the features but when you use this plug-in, you will see the great potential that some of the other ecommerce platforms and plug-ins are missing.

If you want to sell digital product, You can create an online store with this easiest and simplest ecommerce business platform you can find on the internet.

WooCommerce V.S. SureCart – Which I should use?

The answer is.. it depends. As of now, SureCart’s available features focuses on digital products and subscription services. If you want to sell physical products, it is missing some functionalities such as tax calculations, inventory management and shipping service integrations. (SureCart says it’s planning to add these features soon)

If your business or your website primally sells physical products which require collecting tax and calculating shipping costs, I would recommend WooCommerce.

However, if you just want to sell e-books, digital files, or non-tangible items such as donations, seminar tickets, and service appointments, SureCart works beautifully. And, set up is super easy.

Is SureCart the best e-commerce platform for small businesses?

When you discuss what are the best ecommerce platforms for small businesses, there are many criteria you should consider. There are many website builders that small business owners can use. You might have already know Shopify, WooCommerce, and etc. SureCart is a new platform in the eCommerce industry, but it has already shown its potential to be one of the best platforms for small businesses.

SureCart offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and manage your store. The platform is also affordable, with no monthly fees! If you are looking for a simple, cost-effective eCommerce platform for your small business, SureCart is a great option to consider. While there are many ecommerce platforms for small business. SureCart offers many built-in sales features that small business owners appreciate such as stress-free UI, one page checkout and more.

What are the advantages of SureCart?

SureCart is FREE!

The first and the most important thing about Surecart, which makes it so great for you as a customer or business owner looking to buy from us – its completely free. And the core system does not hold any features back. SureCart is planning to offer paid program later. but the free core plug-in already offers great features that other system charges a lot of money for. You can add unlimited products and handle unlimited orders on your WordPress admin dashboard.

Since SureCart is free and it offer a lots more feature than WooCommerce core, you could build the fastest and cheapest ecommerce website.

Clean, simple, and beautiful UI

One of the reasons why I love SureCart is its simplicity and ease of use. If you want to sell an e-book. Have your e-book pdf ready, create a product on SureCart, set the price, upload the file, create a form(check out form) and select the product, and embed the form in any page you like to show a shopping cart. That’s pretty much it! That’s for you as a website administrator.

Meanwhile, SureCart offers great UI for your customers. The shopping experience is super simple and quick. You never see one of those ugly WooCommerce loading wheels…God, I hate it 🙁 . I develop shopping sites, and I always felt my WooCommerce sites were behind other Shopify sites because of WooCommerce’s outdated UI and slow interface. But, with SureCart, I don’t have to feel that way anymore!

Simpler approach

If your ecommerce business primarily sells digital products, you will love this platform. In a traditional ecommerce solution, you have to go through a long set up store builder wizard to set up your store. SureCart’s setup process is much simpler and easier. As of now, its primary focus is on digital products, it doesn’t need to ask physical address, tax rate, zip code and etc.

Payment Gateways

At this moment, this ecommerce software connects two payment gateways, Stripe and Paypal for payment processing. If you are already using Stripe as your main payment gateway, you can start using SureCart very quickly because you don’t need to do Stripe setup. What kind of payment gateway do you need for your ecommerce software, let us know in the comment.

Surecart Pricing

Surecart offers different pricing plans tailored to various needs for starting and running an online store. Here’s a summary of the programs and their key features:

surecart price 1

Free Plan ($0 – Free Forever):

  • Up to 100 Products.
  • Standard Checkout Forms, Physical Products, Subscriptions.
  • Installment Payments.
  • Sales Tax & EU VAT Calculations.
  • 500 MB File Storage.
  • Email Support.

Startup Plan ($199 per year, currently discounted to $99/yr):

  • Includes everything in the Free plan.
  • Unlimited Products.
  • Advanced Checkout Forms and Subscriptions.
  • Free & Paid Trials, Setup Fees.
  • Auto Payments Recovery, Upgrade Paths.
  • Zapier Integration.
  • 2 GB File Storage.
  • Cart Abandonment Recovery.

Business Plan ($399 per year, currently discounted to $199/yr):

  • Includes everything in the Startup plan.
  • Order Bumps, Subscription Saver & Insights.
  • 5 GB File Storage.
  • Priority Email Support.
  • 5 Team Members.
  • SureTriggers Pro.
  • Upcoming features: One-click Upsells, Auto Fees/Discounts, Early Payoff Offers, Multi-currency, Advanced Physical Products.

Pro Plan ($799 per year, currently discounted to $399/yr):

  • Includes everything in the Business plan.
  • 10 GB File Storage.
  • 10 Team Members.
  • Front of the Line Email Support.
  • Upcoming features: Affiliate Platform, Purchasing Power Parity.

Who made SureCart?

Adam Preiser a.k.a WPCrafter is one of the most well-known figures in the WordPress community. He has developed many popular plug-ins for WordPress, including Cart Flows and Presto Players which are both loved by users across different industries worldwide! He developed this software with his team for us.

What is Headless technology?

Headless technology is a way of building an eCommerce platform that does not rely on a traditional website. Many modern web application is made with Headless such as Twitter, Shopify, Slack and more. Headless technology offers seamless scalability for the platform as well.

How to set up SureCart

When you install SureCart plugin for the first time, it shows the getting started process. And the plug-in ask you to create an account on SureCart with your email and password. When you create your account, the data is saved on the SureCart cloud platform (not on your WordPress). This online account holds your stripe connection settings, logo, store details and etc. If you own or manage multiple online stores such as yours and your clients, you can manage everything under one account. each online store is recognized as a “store” on your account. and each store contains a logo, color theme, business name, stripe connects, support information, weblink URL for the privacy policy, term of use and etc. It’s all available for FREE. Basically, anything under the SureCart setting menu is stored in the SureCart cloud platform. This is a unique way to achieve a shopping cart experience super fast.

Sell subscription services

SureCart comes with a subscription charge feature which WooCommerce charges a lot of money for the same feature. You can set price for each transaction and set frequency for every x day, per x week, per month, per year and so on. you can also set a free plan for a trial period if you like. It all comes for FREE.

What are the benefits of SureCart?

SureCart was born to solve problems and frustrations other e-commerce plugins and platforms have.

Accessible – SureCart’s goal is to make the e-commerce platform available to many people. Without relying on developers and complicated tech jargon, you can start your own online store. I think they achieve it very well.

Simple Operation – Many e-commerce solutions and plug-ins are developed a long time ago. For example, WooCommerce was made 10 years ago. In e-commerce galaxy, it means a light year ago! When you use WooCommerce, you can feel that many features are lacking out of the box. So you have to add and add more plug-in to make your site work. With SureCart, you will need far fewer add-ons to achieve similar features.

Uncomparable flexibility to build order and checkout form – Have you ever wondered if you can customize every single form field on your checkout form? SureCart gives you that! You can change its order one by one. You can change its label, place holder, and display on or off. It is possible on WooCommerce by using an expensive plugin or custom coding, but SureCart comes with it for FREE.

Fast and Clean UI – SureCart offers a few different templates for your order form and checkout form to start. They are all clean and simple designs which people expect from high-end for a good shopping experience. Speed is really important for customer experience and the search engine. The study shows that people leave your site if the website doesn’t show its contents in less than 3 seconds. and search engines such as Google,

Better Security – Because it’s built with Headless technology and latest web coding practice, the program is way more secure.

Reliable Application – Unlike traditional shopping cart plug-ins for WordPress, SureCare is built with Headless technology which is a modern way to build web applications. By reducing the resource burden from your hosting server, SureCart can deliver a much faster and more reliable shopping experience.

Built-in automation – SureCart is not just an e-commerce solution but an automation engine.

Order Form

SureCart made a fresh approach to ecommerce solution competition. For other platforms, you will have cart and check out page as your shopping process. But Surecart use a form. the form includes cart and check out in a one block. Once you made a form for specific products and selections of products and services, place the form anywhere you want, your visitors can start check out on that page.

What are the disadvantages (bad) of SureCart?

SureCart just launched its first release. While there are many features experienced e-commerce developers are requesting but SureCart cannot deliver everything at once. If you compare SureCart and WooCommerce, the latter has tons of experience, community support, 3rd party plug-ins, and popularity at this point.

For example, if you are running an E-learning website with WordPress, you want to connect e-learning plugins such as LearnDash to SureCart. You cannot do that right now.

What SureCart doesn’t have?

Unlike Shopify or big commerce, SureCart is not a self-hosted solution. You still need a web hosting service to host your website. It does not offer any built-in SEO tools, marketing tools, any free domain, SSL certificate, social media integration or point of sale system. However, these features are easily achievable with WordPress plugins and I am sure the developer is working on automation

Is SureCart GDPR compliant?

It’s a quote from SureCart website below:

“Yes, SureCart is fully GDPR-compliant and as soon as our website is live, you will be able to read through our full privacy policy.”

Is SureCart good for SEO?

SureCart is a WordPress plug-in. WordPress is very good for search engine optimization. For that reason, you might want to consider using this WordPress + SureCart combination for your online business. You can set up a blog page, or a page and optimize it with your favorite SEO tool like RankMath or Yoast SEO. Then place SureCart order check-out form in the page. You are pretty much done with your online business website setup.

What do you think? SureCart may be the best eCommerce platform for small businesses with WordPress. If you are looking for tools for your new or existing ecommerce site, SureCart can help your business with tools you need. If you have your favorite way to use this platform or features you want, let us know and discuss in the comments below what you think is the best eCommerce platform and why.

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