80+ Great Website Ideas to Start in 2024: Start your online journey today.

Have you thought making money online is a great idea, but you have no idea what kind of online business to start?

“I want to sell something online, but I don’t know what to sell and how..”

As an online marketing specialist and website developer for over 10 years, I have seen and consulted many people, from my friends to large businesses.

It’s not only you. Many of them have similar struggles. And they have no idea what to start, so..

What are great website ideas?

Online business has evolved so much over the last few years. Being a YouTuber or selling cheap products on Amazon are not the only ways.

In fact, there are so many business models out there. You might not realize there are awesome website business models. You might find a website idea that fits your lifestyle!

Let’s dive in now!

Personal Brand Website Site Ideas

If you want to build a brand of you, these types of website ideas help expand your branding and build a business for you.

Personal Blog Website Idea

Write your content on the blog and build your personal brand. Introduce your lifestyle to the world. This is a great idea for beginners. You can make money by becoming an affiliate of other businesses to promote their service on your blog, too! Write high-quality content to gain visitors.

All you need is WordPress + RankMath for SEO.

Consulting website

Similar to a coaching business, if you are a lawyer, business consultant, or in any consulting work, you should set up a website to share your specialty by blogging format and set up an online booking feature to start filling your calendar.

Online Courses Website Idea

Do you have the knowledge or experience to share with the world? Start online courses on your business website. Build your course on doc, pdf, video, and more. Organize the way people can take classes step by step.

Simply use WordPress + Learndash to create an amazing eLearning site!

Yoga Instructor Website Idea

Your students follow you because you are special to them. You should develop your brand and Yoga instructor. Whether you teach somebody else’s yoga studio, on your own, or online, your yoga session should be you. Having your own website help to enhance your business. You can post a class schedule on your website, you can even let people book online and pay you, so you don’t have to worry about collecting money. And you can share ideas and inspirational blog posts to create emotional connections with your students.

Work Portofolino Website

If you are a designer, you can upload your past work and design concepts on your website and share them on various social media. Worried about somebody stealing your work? In fact, by posting your design online first, you can claim your artwork copyright easier because you are leaving all kinds of timestamps online. We are living in the age of sharing, just share your work and let them speak for you.

Photography website

If you are a passionate photographer, you should have your portfolio website and upload your pictures. White IG and other social media work great, the website is a great way to let your customers evaluate your work so they are more comfortable giving you a photo shooting gig.

Makeup Artist Portfolio Website

Wheater you work for a salon, film production, or media company, your name and work matter. And you should build your name and brand. Too busy to upload? You can upload your work on Instagram and display your Instagram feed on your website by using spotlightwp.

If you are not sure what your website name should be, make it with your name + makeupartist.com simple, easy to understand and SEO optimized.

Recipe website

Share your family recipe and your creation on your own website. Sure you can post one in allrecipe.com But, why don’t you put on yours too? This is a great example (https://hot-thai-kitchen.com/)

Screen Shot 2022 01 08 at 9.42.39 PM

Child Education Website

If you are a parent, you might be doing a lot of research and tips from senior parent friends. You can organize and write about your knowledge. The key is to find and define how your situation unique is. Are you in a teenager, 20,30, or 40s? Married, widow, single parent? Where do you live? Is your marriage have wide age differences? Inter-racial? Heterosexual, or same-sex marriage? They can help your brand uniqueness.

Babysitter Website

It’s difficult to find a qualified and trusted babysitter for your children. If you were a babysitter, why don’t you enhance your reputation by building a website and placing testimonials and reviews from yelp, google, and more? You can develop your competitive edge over other babysitter around your area.

Podcast Station Website

We all know the success of Joe Rogan, right?

Don’t you want to be in front of the camera, but can you talk? A podcast might be your fit! The podcast is one of the underutilized marketing and branding methods for you and your business. As long as you can organize your thoughts and speak in a quiet place, you can start your podcast. And having a website makes a big difference because you can create your blog post out of a podcast. If you use Happyscribe, you can convert your audio into a transcript easily.

Ecommerce Website Ideas

E-commerce websites are any type of website that sells either physical goods or digital goods. It starts something simple as coffee cups to crypto currencies.

Ecommerce Store

Do you have physical products to sell? Don’t just sell in your neighborhood. Create your e-commerce store website and sell your products to the world. You don’t have to rely on eBay or other online marketplaces. You can sell your item directly to your customers. No middle-man. All you need is WordPress + Woocommerce(ECommerce Platform) to start.

Dropshipping e-commerce store

If you don’t have unique products or your own products, you can go with a dropshipping e-commerce website store. What is dropship? When somebody buys an item from your website, Your vendor such as a furniture store processes the order and ships your order from their warehouse to your customer directly. Isn’t that nice?

Print-On-Demand e-commerce store

This style of website business became popular in 2021. It is one of the fastest-growing industries. How does a Print-On-Demand business work? In simple terms, when somebody buys a special graphic t-shirt from your website, then you print, or a print-on-demand factory prints the design on a blank T-shirt and ships it to your customer.

Customized T-Shirts Website:

If you are good at making the best customized t-shirts, this is best for your business idea! Create a website where people can buy customized t-shirts from you. You can sell services like “customized shirts” or even just post the best deals on the website.

Travel/Photography stock photo sales website

If you are a skilled or passionate photographer, why don’t you take pictures around many national parks or major travel spots and take high-quality photographs? But don’t stop there. Instead of just keeping them in your SSD drive or just uploading a few on your social account. Just upload on your website to sell. If somebody or even government organizations are looking for high-quality images of these parks and travel spots, they might purchase from your site. Even though AI can create images for you nowadays, human created contents are always better.

Stock Music Website

Can you compose music? You should sell your masterpieces on your website. You can list your music on major music-sharing sites for sure. But you should sell on your website and make its niches. There are many video contents creators who need specific music for their video projects. For example, you can make music for a theme such as a valentine’s day. And sell on your site.


Professional and Service Website Ideas

If you already have a small or local business, having a website only expands your reach to more audience and potential more customers. You literary has everything to gain but nothing to lose.

Coaching business profile website

Are you a professional coach in some industry? You can set up a business profile website and add an online booking feature with the online calendar. You can start booking your coaching sessions.

Fitness website

Similar to coaching or consulting work, if you are a fitness trainer, you should create your profile website. If you are in YouTube, Podcast, or live Zoom training, you should embed these assets in your website and invite your members to your site. Share testimonials to build your authority.

Mobile phone/tablet repair service website

If you know how to repair cracked iPhones or low batteries for android phones, you should start on-demand device repair services. We see these business kiosks in outlet malls or stores strip malls but you don’t need to rent a space, you can do it from your car. Put up a website, and create a service menu and area.

Website for a plumbing business

Whether you have a one-man operation plumber or a team of professionals, you should have a website for your plumbing business. Potential customers always check your website before making calls, so make your website personal by showing pictures of your team and testimonials from customers. Do you think it is too basic? Think again. You will be surprised how these basic must-to-do things help your business.

Cleaning Services

Do you run a home cleaning service? If you do, create a business website. Explain how your cleaning procedure helps your client clean. Share testimonials and reviews to gain trust. Word of mouth is the best referral, but you can put the word on the website to enhance your brand awareness.

Event Planning Website

If you are an event planner and have great ideas for hosting events on different themes then why not create a website? You can sell services like “event planning,” “event production,” or even just list your services and rates on the website. You can also create a blog to share your event ideas with potential customers.

Tour guide business website

As we are coming out of the pandemic, people start traveling more and more. Remember we were stacked for almost 2 years. People want to explore the world. What do people do before going to travel, they research what to do in their destination, right? Why don’t you create a special website and offer specialized tours such as famous movie location tours? You can show your local area and make money.

Freelance Service Website

Do you offer a service? You need a website to show your service to explain your business. Explain price, how you estimate, share reviews and testimonials from clients. Put up a FAQ to answer pre-sales and after-sales questions which help to reduce repetitive customer service.

Kitchen Rebuild Website

Are you a handyman, contractor, or carpenter? Why don’t you share your ideas and tips on how to create a beautiful kitchen for your home. The kitchen is one of the most frequently updated areas in your house. And you can be creative. You can share affiliate links from Home depot or lowes to create passive income while you are showing your work skill and possibly more calls for your work. Win, win-win!

Nails website

Do you work at a nail salon or invoice people at home to do nails for a living? Share your work on Instagram and put the feed on your website to show your work quickly, And you can organize your work by style, color, and design. And, write tips about how to take care of your fingers and nails. Share the tips on your social media. This will build your brand image and professional image.

Senior Care business website.

Are you in the personal care business? Promote your business on your website. Upload your service and details. Share testimonials. Share helpful tips for senior and send emails to your clients and friends how they can enjoy their lives!

Community-Based Website Ideas

Community-Based websites are driven by theme-specific audiences. Weather the audience is based on geographical, topic, hobby, profession specific if you know some people are interested in the same topic as you do, you might come up a great idea!

Membership Website

Building a community is a great asset for you and your business. Do you have a group of people following you in your niche? Do you want to build an influence in your industry? Build a membership site. With WordPress BuddyBoss, you can easily build high-performing membership websites.

Industry-specific news website

Do you think newspapers are a dying species? Online news sites are booming!(Especially you are vey topic-specific)
You can create industry, niche, or community-specific news or magazine websites. Are you bi-lingual? Maybe you can bring news from a specific country to a different country in a different country. Just an idea for you.

Specialized forum website

If you are in a particular industry and Google search doesn’t give you exactly what you are looking for because it’s very niche, BUT you think there should be many people like you. You should start a forum site to let people discuss your industry. https://priuschat.com/ is a great example. I mean, people just talk about the Toyota Prius. It’s a pretty niche site.

Classified Advertisement Website:

Create a community to list and sell products such as used cars, real estate properties, and furniture pieces (Craigslist). But you can also create this for best/top promotions, sales, or upcoming events.

To-go order website

If you run a restaurant or are considering starting a food preparation business, you should build your own to-go ordering website. Why? Sure, you can use Doordash, Uber Eats, and this service, but they take a massive fee for each order to eat your profit. You should always make your own so you can control your order, money, and customers, not by the big companies.

Food Catering business website

You can cook, but you don’t want to own a traditional restaurant establishment. Have thinking about paying rent every month?

You can create your catering menu on the website. Build a contact form where you can ask many people what kind of food, date, and time to create an estimate. You can automate this process to save you and your customers time. You can put your catering pictures from Instagram on the website to promote your business, too.

Restaurant Website

If you own a restaurant and still don’t have your website, you are missing a lot. Don’t just satisfy with a Yelp, google, and social profile. You should put, late menu, weekly, and monthly specials, hours, on your website. You should also put your merch(your restaurant branded t-shirts and etc).

Special Topic Websites

Money-saving tips website

Who hates saving money? Nobody. That’s the answer. If you know or can research some tricks and tips to save money, share them on your website. You can save your own money, right?

Tips or Courses to Study Specific License

Are you studying for some special skill or license that requires a lot of specific knowledge? And a simple Google search doesn’t cut? Why don’t you make an online course or tips-sharing site? That’s how Pat Flynn started this business.

Career guide website

If you have been in a certain industry for a while, you probably built experience and knowledge about your industry. You can share the information to help the younger generations to help their career and build your authority in your niche. They thank you, and you increase your value in your workspace. You don’t feel you’re special? Don’t worry about it. You are much more special than you may think. You just need to start. You can become a consultant.

Financial Advice website

Are you in a banking and financial background? You should build a website to provide financial tips and advice. The Financial Diet is a great example of this type of website. This group of ladies provides everyday financial advice you can start tomorrow. Why don’t you start yours? There are always people looking for your knowledge.

Screen Shot 2022 01 08 at 9.44.08 PM

Charity/Donation Website

For your non-profit activity, charity projects, or local churches, you can easily collect donations from your supporters by setting up a website with e-commerce feature.

Wedding RSVP and Photo Sharing Website

Planning your wedding soon? Let’s create a website for RSVP guests, wedding registry, and photo sharing. For the time being, some of us may not be able to have traditional in-person weddings in some areas, or some people may not be attending your in-person wedding, so you can livestream through your site for guests to join.

Listing and Search Website Ideas

Job Search Website

I am sure you have heard of ZipRecruiter or indeed.com for hiring generals. You can create something more specific to an industry or community.

Directory website

Like Yelp or Crag’s list, you can create your list-building website and start charging people to list a service or product on your site. You can develop your market. If you are ever frustrated with existing services like Yelp that it is not specialized enough for your industry, you should create your own.

Rent Listing Website

Create a community to rend and borrow particular kinds of items such as vintage cars, expensive watches, light equipment for YouTube etc.

Insurance Comparison site

Insurance is one of the most confusing products to purchase. If you go to any agents, they sell you the product that they can earn the most commission on, over your benefit. How about starting a website comparing different insurance products, pros, and cons?

Industry-specific review/comparison website

For example, you can compare and review hardware tools for handymen or contractors. You can create YouTube videos but you should also write text-based information on your website so you can capture different kinds of audiences because some people want to read not watch.

Products & Service Comparision Site

We all shop online. What do we do before making a decision? We research and compare similar products. You should make a website that compares products and services designed for a similar purpose. Tech reviews are always hot like comparing different laptops. The key is to start from our own experience. Have you tried to compare products or services, but there is no website or online articles that explain exactly that, so you basically compare them one by one yourself? Maybe that’s the one you should start. If there is a problem, there might be a hidden demand there.

Industry-Specific Research Tool Website

If you can code and control APIs, you can create industry-specific research tools. Yes, Google is smart, but it cannot do everything. For example, StockX is huge for sneaker market research. But why not make in other products? Baseball Hat, T-shirt. How about outside of the fashion industry? How about food? If you can search what food items or ingredients are in demand based on the information from the Futures Market, production schedule, supplier’s stock information, restaurant’s and grocery store’s order quality and etc, the data values so much. Did I just give away a trillion-dollar idea?

Events Website

Hosting and promoting your event takes effort. Whether you are running seasonal or annual events, why don’t you create a special website and put promotional information, spec, schedule, online ticket/booking, and everything under one roof? If you have the same or similar event repeatedly, it makes it even easier for the next time. Having a website helps to expand your service as a brand so much easier.

Nutrition Advice Website

Many people are looking for quality information about health and nutrition. Sure, you can look up things on WebMD. But, it’s not personalized and you never know if the information applies to you or not. But if you possess health and nutrition knowledge about a certain field, you are on demand. Are you ex-gymnastic? A former basketball coach? A working mom in her 40s? Used to be obese and grown up in a certain cultural background? All of these can be your uniqueness and people can relate. You don’t need to be super-famous or have a fancy degree to talk about the subject. Pro tip: Just remember to put up a disclaimer for your health advice. If this idea works, you can take a nutritionist certificate afterward

Food Blog

Everybody loves food. You can start a food blog easily. All you need are pictures of the food, your impressions, reviews, analysis or something you can discuss. The key is how to make your unique or niched. Explore something deep and make it special. You don’t need to be a specialist. But you should make your blog unique and specialized. Are you living in a particular community? Do many tourists come by? What is your background? Or focus on certain types of food only. For example, Minimalistbaker shares recipes that can be made with limited ingredients. That makes the website unique.

Screen Shot 2022 01 08 at 9.51.58 PM

Valentine’s Day idea website

Valentine’s Day comes every year. People are always looking for ideas to treat their significant others. If your business is something related to Valentine’s day, you should utilize this special day and make your business, product, or services to sell. Are you a dating coach? Share tips. A baker? Share recipes for Valentine’s Day.

The Fashion Website

The best part of the fashion-related website is that trends are always changing. You never run out of the content to write. Is it too late to start? Wrong. We are living in an age of individuality and personalized styles. Become a fashion blogger, Your style and sense of fashion matters the most. Just build your brand as you and cover fashion but go further to explore heath, money, beauty and more. Don’t limit yourself to clothes and makeup.

Gaming Website

Gaming is such a huge community in our generation. And there are so many subcategories. If you love particular games, share your playback, tips, and ideas may be selling and trading merchandise

DIY Crafts Website

While Etsy is growing exponentially, its popularity proved handcrafted products are in high demand. But Etsy is slowly becoming another eBay(in my opinion). You should build a website to sell niched handmade crafts on your own. A website is a perfect tool to present the uniqueness of your creation. You can put pictures, videos, and descriptions of how much you care about your products. And if the site becomes popular, you can invite other artists who sell related items together to strengthen your website.

Sport Website

Sure ESPN dominates the sports news industry, but go small and go local. Do you belong a local team? Maybe you can livestream the game and ask for donations for your service. Or you can build a website in very niche sports, but there are players worldwide. Maybe you can get some inspiration from Olympics website.

Custom Furniture Sales Website

If you have a talent for customizing furniture, then just create your website. You can sell directly to the customer or collaborate with other retailers who want to resell your product under their brand name (eBay?). Just imagine if IKEA starts selling online and buys many pieces of customized beds for rental homes. It would be great for them too.

custom furniure website

Subscription Boxes Website:

If you are aware of subscription boxes services like Ipsy and Birchbox which send out samples of cosmetics or clothing items, you can create your own website with a similar business model.

Online Bill Payment Website:

Create an online bill payment site where people can pay bills for utilities, loans etc, with just a few clicks on your own customized UI/UX design. There are already many companies like Paypal, but if you can add other gateways such as best credit cards and other gateway services. This is a great business idea to earn affiliate revenue from these service providers.

Life Insurance Comparison Website

There are many insurance comparison websites available in the market today so why not create one? You make comparisons for life or car insurance. It is best to make this website in partnership with a car or life insurance company that will be interested in customer leads if your site does well.

Art Gallery Website

If you are an artist who loves to showcase their artwork, then this is best for you! Create a website where you can upload your best artwork and sell it to customers. You can also create a blog where you share your artist journey, tips on being an artist or post about art events near you.

Bike Rental Website

If your area has sightseeing spots and people need quick transportation other than cars, you should start a bike rental service. If you are looking for a business idea that has a low investment cost, then this is it! Create a website for bike rental services. You can sell services like “bike rental” or even just post the best deals on the website.

Home Security Website

Create a customized one that suits your needs perfectly. Offer services such as “home security” and “security cameras” or curate exclusive deals on your website. Take charge and build the ideal home security solution that meets all your requirements.

Mattress Website

Do you know a lot of mattresses, or can you research like a pro? Make a website about mattresses. This is one of the most lucrative products on the market if you can create website traffic.

Customized Gift Website

If you are creative and love to make customized gifts, then this is best for you! Create a website where people can buy customized gifts from you. You can sell services like “customized gifts,” “personalized gifts,” or even post best deals on the website.

personalized gift website

Coupon Website:

Do you remember Groupon and stacksocial? They are still in business. That means there is a need for a coupon site.If you are a shopping expert or you love shopping, this niche might work you and build a website about this.

Personalized Birthday Gifts Website

If you are good at making the best personalized birthday gifts, this is best for you! Create a website where people can buy customized gifts from you. You can sell services like “personalized birthday gifts” or even post the best deals on the website.

Personalized Greeting Cards Website

Do you think a physical gift card is too old-fashioned? If that’s true, why do we still exchange cards? The hallmark is still around. People love cards.

If you are good at making the best personalized greeting cards, then this is best for your business idea! Create a website where people can buy customized greeting cards from you. You can sell services like “personalized birthday cards” or even just post the best deals on the website.

Customized Mugs Website

Do you love to design and customize mugs? If so, this is the best business idea for you! Create a website that offers customized mug printing services. You can sell your services as “customized mugs,” or simply post great deals on the site. The best part is that this is a Print-On-Demand e-commerce site. You don’t have to produce the mug cup till the order comes in.

Customized Journals Website

If you love to write and want to share your writing with the world, then starting a customized journal website is the best business idea for you! Create a website that offers customized journal printing services. You can sell your services as “customized journals,” or simply post great deals on the site.

Customized Photo Frames Website

Do you have a passion for photography and love to design customized photo frames? If so, starting a website that offers customized photo frame printing services is the best business idea for you! You can sell your services as “customized photo frames,” or simply post great deals on the site.

Tech review site

Technology is one of the most popular topics of all time. You can review new cameras, laptops, and more.

tech review website

Customized Baby Clothes Website:

If you’re good with needles and thread, starting a website that offers customized baby clothes is the best business idea for you! Create a website that offers customized baby clothing printing services. You can sell your services as “customized baby clothes” or simply post great deals on the site.

Customized Invitations Website:

If you possess a talent for crafting exquisite personalized invitations, consider launching a website that specializes in custom invitation printing services. This business venture presents an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills, whether by marketing your services as “customized invitations” or by featuring enticing deals on your platform.

Topic Specific Q&A/Discussion Webstie:

Like Reddit, but more topic or theme-specific website. If you have experience in certain fields or know the special industry, You should start a discussion forum website. You can start as your blog to store your knowledge at first, but eventually, Google collects information from your site and your site would gain more website traffic for your niche information.

Inspirational Quote Website:

Do you collect famous quotes and proverbs to stimulate your brain? You should them on your website and share them with the world. It would be best if you offer the images to go with the quotes.

Customized Calendars Website:

Are you passionate about creating stunning custom calendars? If so, launching a website that provides personalized calendar printing services is the ultimate business venture for you! You can offer your services as “customized calendars” or showcase incredible deals on your site. Get ready to turn your passion into a thriving business!

Customized Phone Cases Website:

Are you a creative individual with a deep passion for design? If so, launching a website that specializes in personalized phone case printing services is the ultimate business venture for you! You have the opportunity to market your offerings as “customized phone cases” or showcase incredible deals directly on the site. Embrace this opportunity to turn your passion into a thriving business!

Quiz Website:

Create a website that displays a quiz for people to answer. You can create a quick test site for your student to try. Or if you are hiring somebody and let new employees take a quiz to test their understanding.

Fan Website

Fan websites are dedicated to a specific fandom, such as Harry Potter, Marvel Heroes, or Star Wars. A fan website is an excellent way to turn your favorite hobby into a side business. Whether you’re a comic book enthusiast, a self-described video game nerd, or part of another niche fandom, creating and running a fan website may be enjoyable. There are also possibilities to make money through advertising or affiliate links related to your area of interest if your website grows popular enough.

Game website

Make a fun quiz-based website that will pique people’s interest. There are many quiz builders to choose from if you want to make something entertaining for your visitors to click through. This is another way to earn money by selling advertising space. If you’re not sure about the income potential — have you heard Buzzfeed? The site’s simple quizzes attract a large number of visitors, allowing Buzzfeed to generate money through advertising and affiliate links.

Lifehack Tips Website


Do you have a lot of tips and tricks up your sleeve? Share them on your website! Start a lifehack tips website where you post helpful articles that offer solutions to common problems. Do you need an example? Lifehacker is the prime example of that. You can also make money by selling advertising space on your site.

Movie review Website

Are you passionate about movies? Why not start a website that reviews movies? You can offer movie reviews for free, or charge a small fee for people who want your more in-depth analysis. Movie review websites are popular because they’re helpful to both casual viewers and serious film fans alike. Nowadays, you can put a link to purchase a full movie from Amazon Prime Video, or YouTube.

Pet Website:

Do you have a lot of information about taking care of pets? Share your tips on a pet website! Start a website that offers helpful articles and advice about how to take care of all kinds of pets. You can review products and post on the website and start making money through affiliate links to reviewed products or services.

Weight gain website

If you are a fitness trainer, you can always start a fitness training website, but there are not so many fitness websites focused on gaining weight. There are a lot of people who need to gain weight for professional reasons and personal reasons. You can make this topic into a website. You can also make money through advertising or by referring customers to weight gain supplements or programs.

Marketing Tips Blog/Website

Marketing used to be very simple. Take 20 miles radius from your store and send postcards and put ads on paper. Not anymore in 2022 and beyond. Marketing and Internet Marketing go very complicated. There are so many tactics and strategies you can take. You can create a whole website just introduce, analyze and teach how to do it.


As you can see, these are A LOT of ideas for just websites. The key is to get some inspiration from these ideas. Maybe your next million-dollar idea is a combination of ideas listed above in this article. Did you find a great website idea for your project? If this article helped you in any shape or form, consider signing up for my newsletter from the box below!

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