how to move your email server from Siteground to Others

How do I move my email from one server to another?

Does your website hit the limit and you have to clean up the server all the time? Or have you experienced server performance issues?

The most common reason for this is that your website and email server are on the same hosting account. This means when you have a high-traffic site, it will also cause an increase in emails being sent out from all of those people signing up to receive updates or newsletters about what’s going with their favorite blog post topics! But, you hit the server performance limit at the moment you need the site to work. OH, MAN!!!The question is…

Can I host my website and email separately?

The solution: Separate your email server from website hosting, and you never have one affects on another. Even if your website has some issue, your email always works! Now that we’ve gone over why it’s important to separate these services out into different accounts with their own servers (and how they’re connected), let me show you a way to set it up. You can move email from one server to another.

Step One: Back up your email accounts and emails from existing server.

You’ll need to write down each email address and password.Once you have all this information, go to Hostinger or a new hosting company of your choice. Point or register a domain name (More on that in Step Two.)

Step Two: Point my email to another server(hostinger).

Sign up with Hostinger. They offer a very attractive price for the money. And you will get and 80% OFF discount from the link below.

Go to the newly signed Hostinger (or your new server’s control panel) hPanel and click “Email Account.” You will see the MX records under “DNS MX Record.”Copy two MX records and go to your domain registry. In my case, I go to Godaddy’s DNS settings and add new MX Records and TXT Records. (in the video, I thought I cannot add a new email address until I fully finish pointing MX records to Hostinger. I was wrong. You can actually add TXT records on your domain DNS records first. As soon as Hostinger reads the DNS records, you can start setting up email addresses.)

Step Three: Setting up your email accounts.

Click on “Email Accounts” in the hPanel of your new hosting company and enter the domains you want to host emails for. If you are trying to use the same email addresses from your existing server, you will need to create the exact same email addresses on Hostinger. You will need the list of email addresses and passwords from step one.TIPS

how to transfer emails from one server to another?

You can move emails from your existing old server to a new server (Hostinger)

Step Four: Test emails.

Open a WebMail app on your new server(Hostinger) for example, a test email to from a different email address. I recommend using Gmail, Yahoo, and other free email services which are completely independent from your email address. If you receive the test email on your new server(Webmail), now you can confirm that your email server is running on Hostinger.

Step Five: Setting up email clients

Now, you will need to connect your email client (Emailing software on your computer or smartphone. On mac mail, you can set it up by going to Mail –> Preferences –> Accounts, click + button). Choose “Other Mail Account.” Enter the email address and password. And Click Sign In. If Mail app cannot connect with your server, you have to enter more information to make the connection. Choose Account Type as IMAP.For Incoming Mail Server, see the IMAP Server Hostname on your Email Account page.For Outgoing Mail Server, See the SMTP Server Hostname. The password should be the same for incoming and outgoing servers.Click sign in.If you can connect successfully, you should now be able to send and receive emails from your new email address.If you would like to read more about the process, please visit Wikipedia or Google it.

Step Six: Setting up IMAP for multiple devices

Many people use several computers and devices to check and send email such as PC in the office and smartphones on the go. Setting up an IMAP account so that you can use your mail from any device is a good idea.IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and it is an email protocol that allows you to store your emails on the server so they can be accessed from anywhere with a connecting internet connection. Here are some steps in setting up IMAP:-Go Mails > Email Accounts-Under E-Mail Details, you will find all details you need to add to your devices. (You will need a password for each email account)

Step Seven: Send a test email from your new server(Hostinger)

After connecting your email on your devices, try to send a test email to somebody or you. (TIP: Do not send it under the same domain. Send any address on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and etc. Make sure the mail goes in the outbox and actually sends out from your application. Check the destination email account to see if you receive this email. That’s it! Now you are successfully moved email from one server(SiteGround) to another server (Hostinger). Remember, your old emails from the old server do NOT transfer to the new server. You will start fresh and all email address on the new servers are considered as a new account. If you like to move emails from the old one to the new one. I will create a video about transfer emails from one server to another. Thank you for checking this article and video. If you like this content please consider subscribing to my channel and sign up on my emails from the box below!

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