How to Move Emails from One Email Account to Another

How to Move Emails from One Email Account to Another

One of the most important things to do when you’re about to create a new email account is figuring out whether or not you want your old messages with it. If you decide that you don’t need them, then they’ll just be clogging up your inbox and taking up space on your computer. Here are some simple steps for how to move emails from one email account to another:

1) Open your macOS Mail App.

2) Your existing email account.

Make sure to have (A)your email account which contains messages you want to transfer from already in your mail app.

3) Make sure to have (B) your destination(new) email account is also added in your Mail app too.

4) Go to A’s inbox, and select all emails you want to move. If you want to choose multiple email messages click the first email and hold the shift key and scroll up and down to select where the range ends and keep holding the shift and I click the left button on your mouse or the track pad.

5) with the range selected if you’re using the mouse to click the right button if you’re using the trackpad hold command and tap the track pad. This will open a pop window. Move your cursor to “Move to”

6) you will see an extended pop-up. Navigate your cursor to your destination email address from the list. Choose Inbox and click it.

7) That’s it.

Tips: If you move many emails at once such as 1000 and more messages, it might take a few minutes to complete the task. You might see nothing happening on the app, but, it is happening in the background.

If you want to check the status, go to Activity.(Optio + Command + 0 ) to monitor progress.

This is the easiest way to move email messages from one account to another!

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If you want to use Windows Thunderbird to transfer emails, check out this article from Inmotionhosting.

If you had email hosting from a previous hosting provider it is likely you had an email account. You can transfer those emails to your InMotion Hosting account. There are different ways to migrate your existing emails. One way to configure the accounts in an email client and copy the emails to our servers. We are going to show you how to do this using the Thunderbird email client. Other clients such as Outlook have the same basic functionality. (

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