Website Security

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Protect your website from WordPress hacking, Security breaches, malware and more..

Brute Force Protection

Brute force protection monitors user’s log-in attempts. If someone tries to log in with random usernames and passwords, and misses a certain number of attempts, our security system locks out this user and the access from this person’s IP address. Learn more about brute force attack

File Change Detection

If someone managed to access on your file system, they most likely add or change some files to harm your site or leave some data to lead them to benefit. Our system detects any changes on the server and provides email alerts so, in the case of emergency, you can take actions right away.

404 Error Detection

When a hacking software scans your website and looks for security holes, it will make many 404 errors. Our system will ban that IP address after the limit we specify. Click here to Learn why?

Stronger Password Enforcement

Since leak passwords are one of the top reasons to lead your website hacked. Our system enforces all users to set a stronger password such as including special characters and minimum seven characters.

Bounce Bad Users

When unauthorized user attempts from brute force protection, 404 error detections, our system put these people on the blacked list and block them from accessing to your website.

Dashboard Away Mode

You don’t need to access your dashboard 24/7. If you don’t need update your site in the middle of the night. Our system can prevent any access during late night through the morning and etc.

More security features are available…

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