WordPress + Customer Development

WordPress is used by approximately 40% of websites on the entire internet today. This open-source Contents Management System is built for its flexibility, customizable features, and quick updates. To manage your WordPress site successfully, it is essential to perform regular updates, and active and passive protective measures against hacking, and unauthorized access to your site.

Fight against unauthorized access| Security Protection

Your website attracts visitors. Unfortunately, some of them have different agendas. Hackers and internet viruses try to break into your website. As your site becomes popular and found on Google, you will have more legitimate visitors, so as unwanted guests. We fight against the latter.


  1. Catch sniffers – Actively monitor who is trying to access the website.
  2. Create traps on the site to identify unlawful visitors.
  3. Search visitors against the blacklists on the internet and ban them.

Keep your website upto date.

WordPress grows and evolves every day. We update WordPress core as it releases the new version.

Keep Updated

Your software is always up-to-date. Having outdated software on your website increases the chances of introducing a security vulnerability to the internet. The latest software ensures your website works correctly. We only use software which is developed by only reputable, trusted developers.

Site Uptime Monitor (24 hours a day)

We monitor how your website is working on the server. A web server sometimes goes off-line. It happens. If the website becomes unreachable for an extended period, we can take immediate action to recover your site.

Back up

Our care plan includes your website backups. Even though we have a strong security protection as mentioned above, it is impossible to protect your site against hackers for 100% certainty. This is the reality of the internet.

That is why we take backup. If other security features failed, we would still use the backup and recover your website quickly; otherwise, you have to build a new website which takes a considerable amount of time.

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Contents Update

The plan includes updating your contents ( two times per month)

Definition of the contents: replace provided text, pictures, and images. For example, we can create a new post if you provide text data and picture/image for the post. (You are responsible for the copyright of the contents). If you want us to create text, pictures, graphics, and images, that will be a separate job. Adding extra features and custom programming also considered as a new job. (Please see details explanation what is included in our contents update job here)

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