Hi, my name is Yosuke Sato (the founder of MKTunited.com)

All Started with messing with a PC.

When I was a teenager, my father bought a computer. (I wasn’t born in everybody-has-cellphone-age for sure, haha.) It was before Windows age. If you know that computers back then run a black screen with a white command prompt blinking(MS-DOS).

That was my first-time experience with a computer. I learned how to use computers by just playing with them. I had absolutely no idea nor there was not much information available. I read magazines and books to learn how to use the machine and made a little game.

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Drawn into tech

I was drawn to this technology. I know technology was the future. But I was not sure what it would become. Soon, I started opening computers, broke, and fixed ones just like any kid like to play with toys. If you know Akihabara, a well-known city where many electric stores are gathered in Tokyo. I went there and bought parts and build computers. I started selling these to my friends and families.

Started Teaching

When I sold computers, many clients didn’t know how to use them. So, I started teaching them how to use them. My students were much older than me, but I knew much better than them.

When the internet age came, I started building websites for me. And people started asking me to build one, so I built websites for people.

From that point, I started learning more about websites and internet marketing.

I have tried so many things throughout my life, but I learned that my best skill is teaching. So now, I teach technologies anywhere from a group of seniors to non-tech business professionals. And my blog is an extension of my skill. I would like to post articles of product/service reviews and how tos for internet marketing to help entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Thank for taking your time to read this.

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