How to add Bing search engine back on Microsoft Edge in Windows

Have you accidentally deleted Bing search from your Window’s Microsoft Edge browser? You thought you never used it again but you need it again? Let’s put it back.

I encountered this situation. I edited the default search option for my Microsoft Edge and got rid of Bing search because I thought I never use it. But for some reason, I need to add it back. Bing is Microsoft’s proprietary search engine. You assume there is a button to restore, right? I thought it too! But it was more difficult than I imagined.

Step 1: go to settings on Edge.

Click 3 dots on the right-side corner of the Edge browser.

Step 2: Open appearance and search engine.

Step 3: Scroll down and click search engine

Find the list of search engines in the screen. Click “Add”

Enter the property to add Bing.

You need to fill in 3 fields to add the new search.

  1. name
  2. keyword = display name
  3. link

Name: Just enter “Bing”

Keyword: this is just display name. Enter Bing and whatever you need to add afterthat.

Link URL: This is IMPORTANT!! On the Link field, you have to enter a specific set of characters in order for the app to recognize as a new search engine.

Copy the code below and paste it into the Link field.

Save and add the search engine.

Now you can select this newly added item as a default search. If you mess up the code above, the Edge browser doesn’t even recognize your item as a valid search engine so you cannot assign it to your default search.

That’s it!


I spend like 30 minutes finding this solution. Nobody exactly teaches how to add Bing back to Edge browser. If you didn’t delete Bing, the process is much much easier, but if you did, this is how to fix it.

I hope my experience saves somebody’s time.

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