What’s included in Website Care Plan content update?

In general, a content means text and graphic on your website(including pictures, audio and movie). In a certain package of our Website Care Plan, we offer content update for your website. Here are the guildeline of what’s included and what not.

What’s included:

  1. Text replacement from the exsiting page/post to the new text.
    1. e.g. Replace a paragraph from your product feature to the new text
  2. Replace pictures from your gallery to new pictures.
    1. Provide us new pictures. We can change them on your website.
    2. If the pictures are too small, they will be shown blur(pixelated). Please be aware when you choose the size of the pictures or graphics.
  3. Add new sale annoucement on your top page.
    1. Provide your announcment information.
  4. Change your address,phone number and etc.

What’s not included:

  1. Write a content.
    1. Writing new contents such as a new blog post is not included. Have your write create text and graphics for you and send them to us. We will be happy to replace exiting contents with provided contents from you.
  2. Take pictures/Create graphics
    1. Taking new pictures for your products or creating a flash graphic for your sales promotion are not included.
  3. Layout Change
    1. if you need to change a certain portion of our website design, this is beyond “content update” This falls into website design and layout change. Your website might be built with our page builder. If so, it is possible to change the layout relatively quickly. However, not all the website and pages are made the same way.  In some situation, it is more difficult to change the layout and the balance on the design. That’s why layout change is not included.

Things to know:

  • When you submit your contents for us, please, have your proof read done. When we update contents, we do not double check the contents. We are not responsible for any grammer, spelling mistakes or in accurate information such as a wrond date.
  • Sometime, your website might have text on the graphic such as on slider graphic or promotional graphics. These are not text data. In order to change them, you would need the original graphic file such as Photoshop and etc.
    TIPS: try to highlight the text you want to change. If they are graphics, the whole graphic moves including text. If they are text date, you will be able to select and hightlight only text.
  • If you need to update the content by certain date and time, please let us know in advance. We might not be able to perform the last minute changes.